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Logo SpectracomSpectracom specializes in GNSS simulators, precision frequency standards and frequency analyzers, network time servers, master clocks and modular systems. We represent Spectracom only in Switzerland.

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Leap Second Announced for
June 30, 2015
 Spectracom leap second testing June 30 for more information: call our expert
Pekka Niskanen at +41 79 4076044
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GPS/GNSS Simulators

Spectracom simulators offer the easiest and most reliable leap second testing for GPS devices and systems.
The first leap second in 3 years will be added to the official time scale (UTC) at midnight between June 30 and July 1, 2015.

Did you know it is up to GPS receivers' firmware and algorithms to manage the leap second correctly?
It is recommended to test leap second conformance to the GPS specification to uncover any detrimental effect of the leap second. If any problems are identified, then corrective measures can be implemented before June 30.

Spectracom's Leap Second Testing Made Easy application note describes how the leap second data is transmitted by the GPS message and how a GPS receiver should calculate UTC time according to the standard. To support leap second testing for its customers, Spectracom offers a ready-to-test scenario file for its GSG-5 or -6 series simulators to validate algorithms and software and to uncover any detrimental effect of the leap second discontinuity.

New: The GSG-6 Series is now able to simulate signals of the emerging Indian IRNSS and the Japanese QZSS systems.

GSG-6 Series of multi-channel, multi-frequency advanced GNSS simulators offers multiple frequency bands, multiple GNSS constellation simulation, and expansion to many more channels. With a base of 32 channels, upgradable to 48, 64, or more, it provides navigational fix and position testing. The GSG-6 Series simulator protects your investment by being upgradeable in the future to more frequency bands and channels (plug-in hardware upgrade) and more signal formats (firmware upgrade).
  • Multi-GNSS, Multi-Frequency Simulator Spectracom GSG-6 GNSS simulator
  • GPS standard, new (L2C, L5) GLONASS, Galileo, and Beidou
  • Simultaneous multi-frequency P-code (unencrypted) and C/A code
  • Simultaneous GNSS Constellation P-code and C/A codes
  • Versatile multi-channel GNSS signal generator with pre-configured test scenarios
  • Operates with StudioView™ for easy trajectory creation via Google Maps
  • SBAS simulation: WAAS (N. America), EGNOS (Europe), GAGAN (India), MSAS (Japan)
  • Configurable multipath simulation
  • White noise generator for SNR testing
  • Configurable interference and jamming simulation
  • Fully operational via front-panel, web-based remote control, or SCPI protocol
  • Multiple interfaces for remote control: Ethernet, USB, GPIB

The GSG-5 Series is a GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou constellation simulator with a base of 4 channels, upgradeable to 8, 16 or more. Features:
  • Versatile multi-channel GNSS signal generator with pre-configured test scenarios
  • Includes advanced features such as SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, or GAGAN), white noise generation, multipath simulation
  • Operates with StudioView™ for easy scenario creation and file management
  • Fully operational via front-panel, web-based remote control, or SCPI protocol
  • Multiple interfaces for remote control
  • Affordable, powerful, and easy-to-use
  • SW upgradeable to more channels, more features, and other GNSS systems

Time and Frequency Synchronisation

The SecureSync Synchronization Systems are a modular time & frequency synchronization platform with those features:

  • Enterprise Class GPS/GNSS MasterClock (4th Generation): 25.000 installations worldwide from Finance Datacenters to Security and Defense industry including Energy, Telecom, Broadcast, Sat Ground Stations, IT, Transport…
  • Modularity/Upgradability : this unit has 6 available slots to fit with 25 available option boards (inputs/outputs signals like 3xNTP, PTP, IRIG, 1,2,5, 10 MHz, E1/T1, SAASM, Stanag4430/Havequick, NMEA, Dry contacts, Broadcast events, ...)
  • Extended Operating Temperature (-20°C to +65°C) and shock & vibration proof embedded STD-810F as standard
  • Webserver/SNMP traps embedded as standardSpectracom Secure Sync
  • IT Security protocols embedded (LdaP, IPSec, Radius, HTTS, IPV4, IPV6…..)
  • 1x1PPS, 1x10MHz, 1xNTP outputs available as standard
  • New features recently provided: FO native outputs (1PPS, IRIG, PTP), 1 Gb PTP (copper and fibre), sinewave frequency mixer (from 1 Hz to 16 MHz), Glonass receiver (GPS and Glonass available in same unit)
  • NATO approved equipment
  • 5 years warranty

Frequency and Time Counters and Standards

Spectracom CNT90 frequency counter

CNT-91, the fastest and most accurate frequency counter, with a speed of up to 250'000 measurements per second and up to 15'000 per second via GPIB at a resolution of 12 digits in 1 second. Other highlights:
+ 50 ps single shot time interval resolution
+ up to 20GHz range, burst measurements down to 20ns
+ plug-and-play compatibility with Agilent 53131A
+ also available with built-in Rubidium reference (CNT-91R) data sheet CNT-91, CNT-91R

TimeView3 PC software for CNT-91 enables modulation domain analysis (frequency over time, e.g. of bursts and chirps in radar signals, frequency settling of oscillators, jitter etc.).Spectracom CNT90 histogram data sheet TimeView3
The emulation of Agilent's Modulation Domain Analyzer 53310A is described in this application note

CNT-90XL is the latest product of Pendulum Instruments. It is the fastest microwave counter with integrated power measurement, available in versions ranging from 27GHz to 60GHz. data sheet CNT-90XL
How to optimize 24GHz radar sensors and reduce test costs with CNT-90XL is described in this Success Story.

CNT-90 has most of the features of the previous products (up to 20GHz) at a lower cost. data sheet CNT-90
The compatibility of CNT-90 with Agilent 53131A is described in this application note.

GPS-12 is a portable GPS-synchronized frequency standard, which achieves Cesium-like stability with the built-in OCXO, Rubidium-reference or Glonass-synchronisation.
data sheet GPS-12 (+ OCXO or Rubidium)
data sheet GPS12RG (+ Glonass + Rubidium)Spectracom time reference module

Bus-Level-Timing for computers with PCI, PCI express, VME, PMC, PC104, IP
PCI express Precision Time Protocol Timecode Processor
Products for distribution of frequency and time reference signals
Time Reference Modules